Food & Entertainment

There’s always something comforting and hopeful about sitting down at a table with good food.

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a Hainanese family where delicious, home cooked food was the norm.

I was also (and still am) fortunate enough to watch and learn from my grandmother who  would encourage my sisters and I to help out in the kitchen when we were little. I think I must have gotten my penchant for perfectionism from her. She would only accept ingredients of highest quality and had specific steps to follow to ensure the tastiest outcome possible.

Her love for cooking and providing the best food for her family got passed down to my mother (who is known for her amazing and ambitious dinners too) and it has most certainly rubbed off on me.

I got to experiment most with cooking and baking when I was studying in Australia, and that’s where I also learned to appreciate the art of entertaining. (What’s the point of making all that food if there’s no one to share it with?)

Good friends and good food (& wine!) in a beautiful set up is what I would call a pretty perfect day.