“You don’t know the meaning of ‘sacrifice’ until you have your first baby,” said one of my polytechnic lecturers to me.


I don’t know why but I never forgot it, and somehow stored it away in my head. Maybe to test this theory when I had my own family.

When I got married, things stayed mostly the same. Only that I had a husband to share my life with. But mostly, I didn’t need to sacrifice anything. I slept when I wanted, I got up when I wanted, went to work, and if I worked late it wouldn’t matter because the husband understood and he could take care of himself. Weekends were filled with lazy brunches and long walks.

And then, when I first became a mother, I had to learn to put this tiny baby ahead of all my needs and desires. No more doing what I wanted, when I wanted.

I remember dragging myself out of bed one night to tend to my crying baby. And I felt like crying too (and it’s possible I did) because I was just. so. tired. But I knew that my son needed me, so I put him first because I am his mother. Nobody else can do for him what I can.

Since going into business, this lesson has translated into a bigger picture for me. Passions can wax and wane but my WHY for doing things will not.

My family is my why.

Because nobody else can do for them what I can.