3 Steps To Colouring Your World

So I’ve recently taken up colouring, to my children’s excitement, because now Mummy will sit down and colour longer with them! It started out with trying free printed Mandalas downloaded from the Internet, to just this week in Melbourne, buying a colouring book for myself. There are a lot of articles online detailing the benefits…

IWD 2017

Happy International Women’s Day!


The Year of Change

My Allegra.*

Of all my children, Allegra is the most spunky.  She walks with a spring in her step. She sings, dances, skips and hops all at once.  When she smiles (and it is usually a cheeky smile), her big round eyes light up with eager anticipation.  Even though she is confident and extroverted, don’t mistake this…

Kids: Kaius & McDonald’sĀ 

Me: OK kids, nap time! Go lie down and I’ll go get my book.  Kaius: You mean your McDonald’s book?  Me: (amused) How did you know it’s a McDonald’s book?  Kaius: Because I saw the McDonald’s sign and I was reading it just now.  Wow. My son is a lot more observant than I give…