Happy Birthday, Baby Alexa!

After 2 weeks of pre-term labour scares, Alexa has arrived safely on 22 February 2016 – the last day of Chinese New Year!


Welcome to our world, baby girl.

The Past, The Present & The Future

As I write this post, I’m expecting my third baby, running a business with a few new businesses in the pipeline and I’m happily married.

It all seems so easy, but it wasn’t at first, and it still isn’t at times. It’s difficult sometimes to find that happy equilibrium, but not impossible.

Life couldn’t have been more different when I was in my 20s. It was about me and what I wanted, and then when I got married, I had to also make room for my husband and what he wanted.

When I got called to the Singapore Bar and became a full fledged lawyer, it was still about me and what I wanted, and what the husband wanted. He understood when I had to pay my dues and work the long hours because he’d been there as well, so he’d give me space to grow.

My life changed most drastically when my first baby, Kaius, came along. It was the toughest thing I ever had to do, putting this little baby ahead of all of my needs and wants because he needed me first.

When Allegra, my second baby, was born it wasn’t too much of an adjustment because I’d been through all the difficult changes of becoming a parent with Kaius. But of course it got busier. I got busier. The business got busier.

I start off with this as my first post not to complain or boast. It’s more of a stock take of my life – where I’ve been, where I am now, and where I want to go.

To say that becoming a mother has not affected me at all as an entrepreneur would be a lie. I’d say it has changed the entire way I look at life, business and my WHY for doing what I do.

This is why I decided to use the term “The Supermamapreneur”. Because to me being a mother and being an entrepreneur is an inseparable reality.

I don’t profess to be “super” every day, and there are days when I feel completely unspectacular, ugly and unaccomplished. But being super is a goal I strive to reach every day.

Besides the fact that I had to learn to put most of my needs and wants second to what my children need and want, I learnt that there are many things that a mother would do for her children.

It’s not that the husband has become unimportant. No. My husband is my life.

But my children occupy a very sacred part of my heart and I was surprised at first at what becoming a mother did to me.

When my son had to be admitted to the hospital for jaundice when he was only 3 days old, it broke my heart. It was so painful, watching him half-naked under the UV light and leaving him in the hospital for 2 nights.

I also remember tearing when my kids would scream in pain during vaccinations when the needles went into their thighs.

I would have gladly bore their pain.

See. Being a mother has ruined me forever. But I believe it is this change that will help bring me to greater heights and propel me to where I want to go.

There are so many things that I want to do, but maybe could not be bothered if I was doing it for me. But if I put it into the context of doing it for my kids and their future, it changes everything. I would gladly bear whatever pain I’d have to go through to get to where I want to be, for them. I’d want them to be proud of me.

This is not to say that I would not have gone after my dreams and ambitions if not for them. I probably would have, but doing it for them as well gives me so much more fulfilment and they are the extra push when I need it.

Being a Supermamapreneur is who I want to be, every day. And this blog is meant to be a reminder to strive to do so, and proof to myself that I.did.just.that. 

Sunshine, crayons & Christian Louboutins,

Lise Chew