Of Birthdays and Whys

Happy Birthday to my favourite 2 year old.

“Mummy…”, Allegra calls as she runs into my office after pushing the ashwood framed glass doors open with a bang.

She looks around at everything and nothing in particular. And then she looks up at me with her big, brown eyes as she pushes her curls away from her face with her hand.

“Yes..?” I answer, mildly irritated as I try desperately to finish off my tasks at the computer.

When will this girl learn to stop bursting into my office and interrupting me while I’m mid-thought?!

She is just tall enough to peer over the table and reach for whatever strikes her fancy, which she constantly does when she gets tired of waiting for me to pay attention to her.

More often than not, these office visits are not very welcomed because I when I’m working, I’m really working. I also want to teach her that there is a time for everything and she cannot just interrupt me whenever she feels like it.

(And yes when I’m working I sometimes forget she’s (at the time) only 1+ year old who needs her mother.)

Most of the time I would turn to her, pinch her cheeks, give her a hug and kiss and motion for my helper to bring her away. Which would usually end with Allegra screaming at the top of her lungs,”Mummy!!!!! I WANT MUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!”

Believe me. My heart breaks a little every time. But I shrug it off and force myself to focus on the work at hand.

I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old already. (Also because I’m not sure the ‘terrible twos’ is something I have energy for at the moment!).


Before I know it, she won’t be interrupting me in my office with her girlish charms and dimpled smile because she just wants to be around me.

It is easy to get caught up in the intensity that is required to drive a business towards your vision and goals, and it is very necessary to be focused. It’s not just the transactional or transformational work itself. But it is also the work you need to do with your mind and body to be in top shape for peak performance. All this requires immense focus and discipline.


For me, the thing about empire building and raising a family is this – the empire means nothing without my family.

There is no point in getting my huge dream house with fully equipped spacious kitchens (wet and dry, yeah) if there is nobody to make pizza with, make breakfast for, laugh with and make a mess with in them.

So aren’t I lucky to get constant reminders in the form of my spunky daughter’s office visits about why I’m doing all that I do?


Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Stay cool. ❤

Author: The Supermamapreneur

I'm a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, wife & mother of 3. I believe that a life worth living is a life lived on my own terms.

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