MUC Lunchtime Lessons: Rayney Wong

3 Top Business Principles To Survive & Thrive

The Millionaire Underdog Club (“MUC”)
(Singapore) had the pleasure of hosting lawyer and savvy property investor Rayney Wong.

Besides really sharp international property investing insights, it was also highly informative and thought-provoking from a business point of view.

I learned so many things and here are the 3 top business principles that stood out for me and they centre around survival:

1. The importance of not accepting failure as the final state of things. Resilience and tenacity are difficult lessons to learn but are extremely important.

When Rayney first started his own legal practice he did not have much experience and it was extremely challenging. What ultimately enabled him to succeed was his refusal to accept failure.

2. Any business is tough and competitive – succeeding just depends on what you are prepared to do to ensure the business succeeds.

Deciding that he was not going to fail, he built his business from the ground up by visiting the hospitals to get personal injury clients and also found a way to add value for these clients. His business grew from there.

3. Evolve, find your niche and dominate.

Rayney mentioned they recently had to change the way they did business because of how competitive the legal industry is. Now they only take specific type of cases at his law firm because it provides better profit margin.

Learning about property investing & business

As a young lawyer, I never thought about the business side of running a profitable law firm because I was more concerned about how to be a good lawyer. All I needed to do was my boss’ bidding.

But it’s necessary for every lawyer to learn about business eventually – whether it is to add value to their clients and/or run a successful legal practice.

It was really interesting for me to have a glimpse of what it is like for a senior partner in a law firm. Besides being an accomplished excellent lawyer so that you can attract the right clients and command and justify your higher per hourly rate (usually at least $800/hour and up), you’d also need to be competent in business to make the practice profitable.

I wonder – where do these lawyers get their business education from and is it enough?

That aside, I thoroughly enjoyed myself during this lunch just listening to Rayney talk. His network is really incredible and in my opinion, something to aspire to – I mean, how many people can say they felt a little embarrassed telling some people in their network that they made $200,000 on 1 property deal, because these people just made millions on their own property deal? And how many people have access to a network of people who are able to invest $50 million in a deal and call it a “small sum”?

Well, I’m one step closer to that now because Rayney’s now part of my network too.


The Unglamorous Entrepreneur

Getting Our Hands Dirty. In Sparkly Shoes.


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Some days, being an entrepreneur is not glamorous at all. Some days, we’ve just got to go out and get our hands dirty.


Mmm, in sparkly shoes, no less.




The Importance of Being On Time.

Be On Time!

If you’re in  Singapore, you’ve probably already read about the High Court Judge who dismissed 4 applications to partly call 4 Practice Trainees to the Singapore Bar because their supervising lawyers were late.

This is the same judge who admitted me to the Singapore Bar.

For those who are not familiar with the legal industry in Singapore, Practice Trainees are trainee lawyers and to become a full fledged Advocate & Solicitor, your supervising lawyer will need to move your call in court i.e. they basically are the ones who tell the Court you’re ready to become a lawyer because you’ve completed the necessary training.

However, this instance was a part call, which allows these Practice Trainees a limited audience before the courts before being fully qualified for the  Bar.

For a judge to dismiss these applications to shame the supervising lawyers actually means the Practice Trainees will have to do all the paperwork to apply, again. And whatever responsibilities that were initially intended for them to take over after the part call would have to wait.

The supervising lawyers actually don’t have to do anything much but show up on time in Court. But I suppose the punishment is in making them give up their time, again. And of course, because of this newspaper article, shame them, publicly.

It’s actually not uncommon for lawyers to be late for Court because of scheduling conflicts. But I suppose the Court’s stance is that’s not a good excuse, which is also true.

Well, hang in there, TheUnfortunateFour Practice Trainees. The part call will roll around soon enough.

Read the article here.

How To Break The Ceiling & Touch The Sky

Find out the Top 4 Common Traits of Highly Successful Women.

4 Common Traits of Highly Successful Women

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Mr. Anthony Rose at an Athena Network Cappuccino Connection in Singapore.

Anthony was a corporate affairs leader at Walmart. He transitioned from being a corporate leader to a writer, speaker and leadership expert, specifically  women in leadership. His passion is to enable women to succeed.

He’s the also the author of bestselling book Break The Ceiling Touch The Sky. In this book, he’s compiled interviews with 43 of the world’s most inspirational women and from which he has gleaned their success secrets. (By the way, all proceeds go to Save The Children, which is an organisation that does great work for disadvantaged children around the world.)



Interviewing Mr. Anthony Rose

In other words, for women who desire to break the ceiling and touch the sky, this book is a must-read! Learn from the likes of Chanda Kochhar, CEO of ICICI Bank, Dina Howell, CEO of Saatchi & Saactchi X, Cathy Smith, former CFO of Walmart International and many more.

By the way, this book has also evolved into an international summit of the same name. Its speakers feature senior executives from multinational corporations like Coca Cola, Walmart, Burberry, Kellogg, Spotify and so on. With opportunities to network with them and other business people, and a chance to learn from the best on how to be the best, it promises to be an amazing event!

Break The Ceiling Touch The Sky Summit details: 

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Date: 29 August 2016, Monday

Time: 8.30am to 6pm

Ticket price: from $429.

To register, click here. By the way, I have 1 more ticket at my table going for $389. If you’re interested please send me an email at

Me and Mr. Anthony Rose
Mr. Anthony Rose addressing the ladies at the Athena Network’s monthly Cappuccino Connection

Watch the first video to find out the top 4 common traits of these highly successful women.





Of Birthdays and Whys

Happy Birthday to my favourite 2 year old.

“Mummy…”, Allegra calls as she runs into my office after pushing the ashwood framed glass doors open with a bang.

She looks around at everything and nothing in particular. And then she looks up at me with her big, brown eyes as she pushes her curls away from her face with her hand.

“Yes..?” I answer, mildly irritated as I try desperately to finish off my tasks at the computer.

When will this girl learn to stop bursting into my office and interrupting me while I’m mid-thought?!

She is just tall enough to peer over the table and reach for whatever strikes her fancy, which she constantly does when she gets tired of waiting for me to pay attention to her.

More often than not, these office visits are not very welcomed because I when I’m working, I’m really working. I also want to teach her that there is a time for everything and she cannot just interrupt me whenever she feels like it.

(And yes when I’m working I sometimes forget she’s (at the time) only 1+ year old who needs her mother.)

Most of the time I would turn to her, pinch her cheeks, give her a hug and kiss and motion for my helper to bring her away. Which would usually end with Allegra screaming at the top of her lungs,”Mummy!!!!! I WANT MUMMMMMYYYY!!!!!”

Believe me. My heart breaks a little every time. But I shrug it off and force myself to focus on the work at hand.

I cannot believe my baby is 2 years old already. (Also because I’m not sure the ‘terrible twos’ is something I have energy for at the moment!).


Before I know it, she won’t be interrupting me in my office with her girlish charms and dimpled smile because she just wants to be around me.

It is easy to get caught up in the intensity that is required to drive a business towards your vision and goals, and it is very necessary to be focused. It’s not just the transactional or transformational work itself. But it is also the work you need to do with your mind and body to be in top shape for peak performance. All this requires immense focus and discipline.


For me, the thing about empire building and raising a family is this – the empire means nothing without my family.

There is no point in getting my huge dream house with fully equipped spacious kitchens (wet and dry, yeah) if there is nobody to make pizza with, make breakfast for, laugh with and make a mess with in them.

So aren’t I lucky to get constant reminders in the form of my spunky daughter’s office visits about why I’m doing all that I do?


Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Stay cool. ❤

My Afternoon With Annie Leibovitz (Part I)

“We Are Really Incredible” – Annie Leibovitz

I received an invite to the opening day of Annie Leibovitz’s Women: New Portraits exhibition in Singapore. So eggciting!

Opening day meant Annie would be there to open and introduce the exhibition and talk about her photographs. There was also a delicious lunch spread by Hyatt Hotel (cloth napkins and all). To reinforce the message of women in leadership, there was also a dialogue session with a panel of 4 women leaders from various sectors: the public service, the corporate world and of course the colourful entrepreneurial world. But more on this dialogue session in Part II.

I don’t know why but I’m always amazed when super successful people are humble and unassuming. As she spoke, she sounded even a tad shy about showing off her work, calling it “a little boring“. She’s the kinda person who seemed like she’d be happy to have a casual drink with, well, just anyone.

I’d for sure count her as a supermamapreneur – she’s got this amazing career and 3 girls. From the 15 minutes that we got to spend with her, this video carries the most important message: We Are Really Incredible.

To have that kind of mindset and to give your own children that kind of environment and mindset from a young age benefits everyone beyond measure.

It’s not “we will be”, nor is it “we were”. It is “we are”.

Please excuse the angle of the video. I was so mesmerised by her photos flashing on the giant screens that I forgot to save a good seat for myself.

Transcript: (this isn’t a full transcript because of the sound quality of the video. Can’t hear everything but I’ve put in subtitles where I can, and where it matters).

“.. the other women, as it continues, is really the list of bios. If you get a chance to read these bios, they are really … and to really see how incredible these women…actually, how incredible WE are. We are really incredible. You all deserve your own set of bios. These women are just mirrors of you. “

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to take a photo with her, though maybe it’s not such a bad thing – I don’t know how this world renowned photographer feels about selfies. And because she’s the photographer would it be rude to take the photo myself instead of asking her?  (Mmhmm, you wouldn’t want to be in my head)

Anyway here are other photos for your viewing pleasure. I’m not one to be taken in easily by art on walls or photographs, but with her collection, I just couldn’t stop looking and looking.

I like how this huge sign is set against this background.
Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
Obligatory pose with the backdrop, of course.
Sponsored by UBS
More information
Famous faces: Yoko Ono, John Lennon, Meryl Streep
Incredible women from Adele, to Aung San Suu Kyi, to Shonda Rimes and Sheryl Sandberg.


Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was the perfect choice for this exhibit.

Wouldn’t you be mesmerised?
This photo makes me want to lie down and stare into space.


The lovely Meryl Streep
If anyone wants to know who I am, this is me in a nutshell.
The Incomparable Annie Leibovitz telling us about her photographs.

Exhibition dates: 28 April to 22 May 2016

Exhibition opening hours:

Mondays – Thursdays, 10am – 6pm
(Last admission 5pm)

Fridays, 10am – 8pm
(Last admission 7pm)

Saturdays – Sundays, 10am – 6pm
(Last admission 5pm)

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station
Main Hall
30 Keppel Road
Singapore, 089059

Cost: Free entry

For more information, please click here.