Good Morning!

I haven’t always been a morning person.

In fact, I used to do my best work after 11pm, to like 2 or 3am because there’s nobody to bother me.

It’s quiet and the kids are asleep.

But it doesn’t make for good waking up habits and because of that my day would be thrown into disarray. I’m grumpy because I haven’t slept enough, and because of that I have less patience with everyone, and it just becomes a struggle to start the day.

I’ve also noticed that when I sleep late and wake up any time after 8.30am, I feel all groggy and underpowered, for the lack of a better word. And it takes me more time to recover from the late night and waking up later, which means time in the day is completely wasted.

So for the sake of the bigger picture, I decided to start my day early and go to bed at a reasonable hour. (I noticed that when I start at 6am, by 11pm I’m knocked out anyway.)

But, it hasn’t always been easy to wake up at 6am because, and I kid you not, my bed has magical powers that could lull any foul beast to sleep. That, and it’s not always easy to switch my brain on and shake the sleep off.

So after much experimentation, I’ve realised the only thing that helps is to do something I like right away to distract myself from going back to sleep. E.g. scrolling through Flipboard for interesting reads, or checking to see how many orders we got while I was sleeping to see if we hit our target, etc.

For some reason, after my brain moves into gear it’s a lot easier to get going to become Master & Commander of my day. As opposed to getting my ass kicked by it.

So I’ve slain this beast, it’s time for the next one.

Either you run the day or the day runs you.” – Jim Rohn

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